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Metamorphosis Club proudly presents:

special guest_ Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte [MMM]
Saturday 16th February 2019 at Traffic Club, Rome.
DEFLORE is an explosive mix of electronic grooves, heavyndistorted instruments and psychadelic-noise atmospheres. A style the band use to call: Human Indu[b]strial. The industrial instrumental duo project DEFLORE, represented by master-minds Christian Ceccarelli and Emiliano Di Lodovico, start in 2000, and suddenly receive a big feedback from the local and european underground scene.
The quality, originality and power of their live shows as well as the great feedback demonstrated by magazines, webzines and load of radio plays, suddenly catch the interest of Independent record label Subsound Records, that sign them during 2004 to produce and release their future albums.
Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, also known as MMM, started as a solo project by Adriano Vincenti.
The music at the beginning was focused on power electronics and harsh noise. Sex explicit lyrics and pictures have been a peculiar rough constant, as seen on the first legendary record "Profilo Ottimale delle Ferite". That album was focused on raw and rough murder stories, mixing sinister Noir atmospheres and extreme minimal noise inspired by Atrax Morgue and Murder Corporation.
In 2004 MMM started capturing noir jazz and swing in their noise. "Black Rubber Exotica" is a vivid and morbid portrait of white noise and black jazz.
"Dolce Vita" in 2006 introduced more acoustic elements and lesser noise. This was a first experiment to mix the wide and varied influences of the mainman Adriano Vincenti.
In 2007, "Ultimo Vero Bacio" was a soundtrack to an imaginary film with a lot of ambience and cinematic landscapes. During the tour to this record, Lorenzo Macinanti joins the band and becomes a full time contributor.
After a 4 years hiatus, the band comes back with "Hard Boiled Night Club", a more precise and sharpen picture of Criminal Jazz tainted with dark ambient and noise. This was a much clearer picture of their past and at the same time of their near future.
In 2013, "Black Lake Confidence" gets worldwide excellent recognition and introduces Doom-Drone-Jazz sound, probably the most deep and intense work so far. Saxophone player Pierluigi Ferro becomes a full-time member of the band.
In 2014 it's finally time to look back to the early days.
"Gli Anni del Sangue" is a live record from the very first live performance of MMM in 2003 and "Nylon Crimes" with a very special guest in the line up, Paolo Bandera from Sigillum S and SShe Retina Stimulans, a musician who has made the story of the Italian power electronics movement from the 80s.
In 2015 the band sign with Subsound Records label and releases their most complete and mature record to date, "Funeral Jazz", a collection of Doom Funeral Jazz Ballads with all lyrics in italian.
In 2017 "Hiver Noir" is released by Subsound Records. New soundscapes are explored by the band.
Manuele Frau (Der Noir, Blackland) joins the band to play guitar tunes, while Riccardo Chiaretti (Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Chaos/Order), who has contributed in the last two records, performs more songs and helped with songwriting.
The new record goes back to the sound of "Black Lake Confidence" and reveils more cold and deeper Doom Jazz suites in the style of Bohren and Der Club of Gore, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Dale Cooper quartet.
Today the band is working on their new record, "Tramonto", still in production.

Aftershow by
Dj Severance & Dj Frank Black [100% vinyl set]
Wave | Post-punk | Darkwave | Classic Goth | Batcave
Minimal | Industrial | E.b.m. | Acid | New Beat
Open 9pm // Ticket 5€
Traffic Club, Via Prenestina 738 [Roma]

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