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h. 23.00 @ ZOOBAR - ROMA
Via Generale Bencivenga, 1
London Calling Alternative Night in collaborazione con Junk Culture
presentano per la prima volta in Italia :
Then Comes Silence (SVE)
[Post Punk - Gothic Rock - Shoegaze]
Opening: This Eternal Decay (IT)
[Dark Wave - Synth Pop - Industrial]
DJs: Eraserhead - Lopez - Mauro V  - Kowalski
Then Comes Silence are the Swedish captains of postpunk. The quartet from Stockholm is a fresh breeze of gothic renaissance, kicking darkness around with hammering rhythms and melodies that make hearts melt and blood freeze. The fascination for doom and darkness pervade and influence every tune and word.
The music of Then Comes Silence takes the listener on a journey from swinging postpunk to the shadows of goth-gaze and into scraps of coal hearted psych. The sharp soundscape is intense, massive and pounding. The lyrics flirt with death and sorrow. It’s goth, psychedelica, rock and post-punk in a symbiosis. Since the band’s very first show, as the opening act for A Place to Bury Strangers in 2012, TCS have been signed to Nuclear Blast, supported Fields of The Nephilim, Chameleons Vox, toured frequently around Europe and released four full-length albums.
The sonic collaboration of two guitars creates an imaginative dimensional sonic picture, propelled either side of the drum and bass lead, like a dark and winged creature. Sinister and threatening vocals set up a presence that is both exciting and foreboding. Adrenaline guaranteed! Their music attracts wide attention and is praised for its apocalyptic sound and dystopian message.
Their fourth album, “Blood”, released October 20th 2017 on Nuclear Blast was produced and engineered by Tom van Heesch (Rammstein, Entombed A.D., Backyard Babies, Michael Monroe).
This Eternal Decay is the new side project from Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight) and Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front), who joined their forces in 2018 to create this unholy Roman alliance.
The sound of the combo based in Rome, is a melt of Industrial, Dark Wave and Synth Pop well mixed in the first record "I Choose an Eternity of This".
‘I Choose an Eternity of This’ is the first fruit from Rome’s creative sound forge, which comfortably assimilates three decades of musical history and which on these nine powerful album tracks concentrates on the essential, most important elements. The tracks radiate a pleasant, occasionally nebulous coolness and have their roots in the early works of the Cure and Killing Joke right up to Joy Division and Bauhaus. This atmospheric spirit is rounded off by minimalistic beats and synth melodies that are at the same time seductive, intensely celestial and which draw you into their spell. This results in a multifaceted, dynamic and thoroughly captivating symbiosis. with a growing addictive factor and irresistibly appealing bleakness. An absolutely thrilling debut from this.
SoundCloud Profile: Contact: [email protected]
Playing: The Smiths, Joy Division, The Cult, The Cure, David Bowie, Blondie, B52's, Stray Cats, OMD, The Police, U2, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, The Eurythmics, New Order, Ultravox, Alberto Camerini, Franco Battiato, Donatella Rettore, REM, The Human League, Siouxie And The Banshees, Tears for Fears, Wham, Yazoo, Kraftwerk, FGTH, Bananarama,Talk talk, Visage, Bronsky Beat, Simple Minds, Psychedelic Furs, The Chameleons, PIL, Echo & The Bunnymen, Killing Joke, The Church, Pet Shop Boys, CCCP, Diaframma, Litfiba, Clash, Placebo, Interpol, Sisters of Mercy, Bahuaus, New Model Army, Echo & the Bunnymen, Blur, Chemical Brothers, A-ah, Soft Cell And More!
Foto a cura di Sheila Venturi
Ingresso 5 euro

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